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Engaging with us early is easy, as we offer a highly confidential, risk-free discussion. While each engagement can be as unique as each client, we outline some common methods below aiming to understand your requirements and offer you advice on how we can best support you.

The consulting services we provide are generally delivered in a few distinct areas:

  • We serve on boards and advisory-boards - and can be engage via different types of consulting services addressing Executive's, CIO's, BU- and Line-managers or participate in special projects;
  • Conduct Workshops/Seminars or Training sessions. Could be based on the 4:E Business Transformation model covering (but not limited to) problem investigation, identification, analysis, goal, cause (root problem), advise and execution;
  • 'Fire Fighting' - as an example we can help retrieve all relevant information prior to a litigation case.
  • Management counseling within Business Performance Excellence;
  • Solution's which often include advanced technologies (it's important to understand that our solutions will NOT change your current infrastructure - not delete or move anything, but merely enable the infrastructure to provide you with real-time intelligence and insight);
  • Integrated team where we can assist in component development, mentorship and collaboration.

As the content delivered within each of the above can vary considerably, from one-off targeted research through to strategic advice, we will provide you with a tailored proposal following an initial discussion and assessment of your requirements.

We have a number of commercial frameworks we can use, from time based through to fixed fees, with each also being phased to reflect the actual work content and value delivered.

Please contact us to learn more and to arrange a meeting.


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