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Our training department strives hard to deliver the best possible learning experience. Depending on the need, we put a training program together, and use both own and vendor subject matter experts. The courses are well designed andwe believe the most productive way to learn is to actively engage with the product and teh solutions. using a well-balanced combination of theoretical and practical exercises. We build a set of logically structured course modules allowing the participants to grasp all aspects of the infrastructure, technology and the overall solution.

For technical audiences we typically ask participants to install all components from scratch allowing them to understand the "nuts and bolts" view of the solution. A mix of detailed documentation and exercises are provided which provides step by step instructions on how to perform install, configurations and maintainance.

For non technical audiences the program is made up of specialized modules for business managers, developers, IT-specialists, administrators and corporate librarians, and ensures that you have access to all the expertise you need to get the most out of your NEANCO investment. The earlier your team begins gaining that expertise, the more successful your intellectual capital management solution will be.


Courses are designed on an individual basis and can be held both on-site and off-site.

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