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NEANCO brings best-practice designs and solutions, development, integration and deployment, support and maintenance to your implementation. We are dedicated to ensure projects are completed on-time and on-budget. Working directly with customers or in a combination with independent systems integrators and other software vendors, we can perform needs assessment, project management, design integration, or custom developments. Whether you're integrating our solutions with third-party systems or building a standalone application on top of NEANCO's framework, the goal is always the same; to get you production and online as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Our consulting and advisory practice assists clients with skills which can help to define and execute strategies for maximising the value of a Business Performance Excellence program. We are experienced in board counseling, partipation in advisory boards - and of course enter into assignments on both short and long term. 



The NEANCO team has extensive business experience from hundreds of successful projects and deep skills in the latest technologies. We're able to provide advice and deliver pragmatic best-practise strategies taking careful consideration of our client's unique situation. We know what works and what doesn't - saving our clients grief, 'headaches' - and most importantly time to production. 


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