The NEANCO IGRM Framework

NEANCO's IGRM Framework extends the international model (IGRM wheel) you can to the right. The organisation and ARMA members (legal) behind this model rightfully states that by linking duty and the value of information asset, you can realize significant effectiveness, efficiency and productivity gains. They do also acknowledge that because there until now hasn't been a holistic solution - then the implementation and integration of several stand-alone components has not been presenting organisations with a solid business case. NEANCO's IGRM Framework is a holistic solution, and adresses exactly that issue - and provides a solution with the specification of decision rights and an accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archival and deletion of information. NEANCO's solution is highly automated and with build-in unique capabilities, as it includes fully meaning based and conceptual understanding of the processed data including automatic proces, policy, roles, standards and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information in enabling an organization to achieve its goals.


Information Governance is an essential element to your compliance planning and execution. With evolving regulatory demands and increased litigation, the imperative to gain control over business content has never been more critical. Experts know that managing the retention and disposition of business information reduces litigation risk and legal discovery costs. But with the best of plans, there are challenges to face and decisions to make. Add in the maturation of technology and security issues, and the challenges seem to grow exponentially.

Governance is still lacking in many organizations as around 85% of users still manually identify records, but are not clear which content is valuable and not valuable, and as a result, there is considerable fear towards the regulatory impact of deleting information. New auto-classification technologies can take the burden off the end user by eliminating the need for them to manually identify records, by providing automatic identification, classification, retrieval, archival, and disposal capabilities for electronic business records according to governance policies. During this webinar we will discuss how to improve your governance practices with auto-classification technologies. Join us for tips and insights on:

  • Understanding and Identifying the risks and costs of discoverable information
  • Quantifying the business benefits of Information Governance practices and Auto-Classification
  • How Auto-Classification works and can seamlessly fit into your organization

Meaning Based Governance, serve to protect the informational assets of organizations. Our Meaning Based Governance solutions oversee the management of business information, enabling organizations to better:

  • Know what information they have
  • Manage the inherent risk in business information 
  • Quickly respond to requests for business information 
  • Organize business information for efficient access 
  • Ensure that business information is properly secured
  • Detect inconsistent practices surrounding business information
  • Retain and dispose of business information, based on defensible policy

Autonomy offers the only comprehensive Meaning Based Governance suite of solutions available for the legal and regulatory market. Autonomy’s leading pattern matching Meaning Based Computing technology which has dominated enterprise content and processes is now applied to govern content and protect businesses. Based on IDOL, Autonomy provides seamless connectivity and communication throughout the information lifecycle. IDOL forms a contextual and conceptual understanding of all structured and unstructured electronic information, empowering organizations to better address their legal and regulatory obligations.

Unlike legacy approaches that include a multitude of point solutions, Autonomy's Meaning Based Governance provides a seamless solution across all content to enable modern businesses to effectively control all electronic content, automate business processes, apply policies and derive value from electronically stored information.



. For this reason, I am huge fan of the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) which states that “linking duty + value to information asset = efficient, effective

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