NEANCO Business Performance Excellence Framework - Empiricism as the foundation for decisive action.

Warren Buffet once said "If you can't read the scoreboard, you don't know the score. If you don't know the score, you can't tell the winners from the losers".

Running an organisation and making the right decisions, define the right actions, create the right measurement gauges is not easy. Anyone stating it is easy don't know what they are talking about. But you can remove a lot of the complexity measuring your progress and results, identify, correct and improve the activities that are causing those results - and then start all over again measuring your progress and results, identify, correct and improve the activities that are causing the results - you get the idea. Vast amount of resources are spent in this process - measuring, collecting information, finding information, analyzing information, create decision support documents, reports, consult with internal and external stakeholders etc. etc. 

Runnig a business is an intellectual sport. Being an intellectual person, capable of grasping the business end of doing business - why not put a framework in place, that automates your processes, find the information that is relevant to you, either in the function you are in, or the task you perform. Finding the latest financial statement presentation while writing an e-mail to your Chariman is not even something you have to do ... that part of the BPEF will provide the technology-element that understands the concept of your e-mail and automatically present you with various elements that could be of interest to you during your writing. It's all happening in real-time ... you don't have to do anything except drag and drop ... it's that easy.

Once you realize the power of Meaning Based and Conseptual/Contextual Computing and what it can do to your BPEF environment, then it is possible in real-time to be presented with information that is important to the strategy document you are working on for instance, or you can get your Business Intelligence dashboard to show you the real-time development of the customer experience rating in percentage of your revenue if you like. Or you can get you dashboard to show you real-time information on global compliance levels on the contracts that are being created at the moment.

There are more than 25,000 organisations that already use this technology for powering empiricism as the foundation for decisive action. When will your organisation get into the benefits of the same.

What are the benefits?

Without moving data or getting in trouble with IT - IDOL can be deployed as a managed service within your infrastructure. This has a range of benefits (see the before and after images below). First of all it is extremely easy to implement, second it needs to be 'connected' to as many data sources as possible. There are over 400 connectors which means 99% of all data can be read without any customization.











This picture shows a typical infrastructure where applications are getting data from various databases or repositories. Very little of your valuable information is structured (i.e. resides in databases) - the rest defined as unstructured is residing in numerous other storage areas. This represents a great 'value' (in the anslysis and BI sense for instance) understanding and using that information proactively.                        


This picture shows for simplicity reasons IDOL as a middleware-layer - think of it as a place where all your data traffic passes through. A copy of the data is being made and stored within the IDOL super fast repository.  - a super fast data warehouse (even though is it very far from a DW). Information is now being clustered, indexed, grouped and understood. IDOL can for instance read all your contracts and group them after payment terms .. automatically if you like.


As mentioned above IDOL is a key part of the Business Performance Excellence Framework. Once IDOL is operational, then you can begin to create group policies across the organisation, monitor that your subsidiaries are in compliance with your business strategy when creating contracts for instance. You can now begin take advantage of the BPE Framework within areas like strategy planning, policy deployment, alignment of measures thoughout the organisation, input to your daily management systems, product development, cupply chain optimization and rationalization, gap analysis, customer and supplier quality assurance - create predictive models based on not only historical data, but coupled with outside data sources and maybe social media. Your data mining today simply cannot cope with the vast amount of data - but with NEANCO's solutions, you will experience effectiveness, efficiency and productivity gains you could never possible imagine.

Here is a topology overview for inspiration. 






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