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A core element in any of NEANCO's solution framework is a superior technology called IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer). Today Hewlett-Packard owns the technology, and IDOL provides a single processing layer that allows organizations to form a conceptual understanding of 100 percent of information, both inside and outside the enterprise. IDOL is based on a number of different patented probabilistic algorithms able to automatically recognize concepts and ideas expressed in all forms of information.

Leveraging NoSQL (Not Only SQL) technology, IDOL enables organisations to simultaneously and in real-time to understand and act upon documents, emails, video, chat, phone calls, and application data moving across networks, the web, the Cloud, smartphones, tablets, and sensors. There is no other technology that give you the ability to apply a group policy that can take immidiately effect through out you entire organisation. There is no other technology that can index your entire information bank of repositories and give you insight about almost anything you would like to know.

What is my customer satisfaction level in percentage of my revenue in each of the countries I operate in? what is the real-time COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) in percentage of my OCF (Operating Cash Flow) - not matter what you would like ot know - IDOL in a combination with NEANCO's different solution frameworks will provide you with an answer based on the relevant information and the information sources IDOL is connected to. 

With over 500 out-of-the box functions and 400 connectors, IDOL's  unique pattern-matching technology understands the meaning of all enterprise information regardless of format, language, location, subject or quantity and detects patterns, emotions, sentiments, intent, risks, and preferences as they happen. A single view into all content allows highly complex analytics to be performed seamlessly across a variety of data types, repositories, and communication channels to dramatically increase the value an organization can derive from its information.



• Single processing layer for conceptual, contextual, and real-time understanding of all data, inside and outside the enterprise
• Unique pattern-matching powered by statistical algorithms recognize distance in ideas, concepts, and context in real time
• NoSQL interface provides single processing layer for cross-channel analytics of structured and unstructured data
• Enhanced scalability and contraction of clusters greater than 20x faster in cloud, virtual, and physical deployments
• Manage-in-place technology indexes all data where it resides, eliminating copying requirements, storage costs, and hand-off risks

The benefits - well take a moment and realize the impact. As indicated elsewhere on our site - we haven't had a single client who didn't experience organisational effectiveness, efficiency and productivity gains.


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