Automation of human processes is the next big wave in massive cost-reductions

Legacy approaches to information management—which rely on outdated information architectures, infrastructure and analytics—fail to discover the concepts and value found in all forms of information. They also are incapable of cost-effectively scaling and processing the oceans of information collected in unstructured, structured and machine data in real time.

IDOL literally automates the analysis of all information by providing a full contextual/conceptual index. Using IDOL, you can then search or analyze information, and find everything from keywords to concepts to things that are kind of around the concept of what you're searching for that may be mentioned or inferred--even within audio and video files."

Our clients can expect significant cost reductions. It is hard to issue a up-front guarantees - but we have clients claiming to have achieved 'minimum 60%' cost reduction based on their own internal analysis. We usually estimate that any organisation has a total savings potential between 5-10% of the total yearly salary budget. It depends of course on the industry and organisation - but can be used as a rule of thumb.   


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