Some videos for inspiration and consideration

Data growth

You only see 15% of your business

Share knowledge and Information efficiently

HMC UK - IDOL users

Mike Lynch, Autonomy founder talks about IDOL as concept

Customer video

AVIS Online

FootAnstey - lawfirm using iManage WorkSite

SJ Berwin - lawfirm using iManage WorkSite

Macy's & Bloomingdale's Online Retail

Fidelity Investment Managers

Belga Press Agency

TNT - logistics

MIMAS - Education and Research

Power of IDOL

IDOL Demo - social media

Information Governance / Big Data

Information Governance

HP / Autonomy SVP, Robert Youngjohns

HP / Autonomy from the leaders perspective

Compliance, e-Discovery & Legal Hold

End-to-End Records Management

The Power of Virage MediaBin

Digital media understood by IDOL

Marketing Optimisation for Online Retailers with HP / Autonomy

Get Insights into Online Retailing

Introduction to Aurasma

Aurasma at the show

Super Aurasma Demo

Sentiment analysis for Broadcast

Social Media awareness - IDOL

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