The people behind - the people that is NEANCO, has the ability to consistently solve challenging problems.

We all have a transformational project leadership background. Together with our clients we define the challenges, create a holistic picture of the specific situation - we collect and interpret information and we provide our recommendations. We combine solid theory, frameworks and 200 man-years of operational excellence experience enabling us to solve complex organisational performance challenges. 

Our competences broken down on individuals:

NEA: 30 years of enterprise leadership. Inventor & Patentholder, e-MBA, MSc in Computer Science, Certified Board Performance & Management. Experience from starting dozen of businesses and employment in a handful of global organisations (Hewlett-Packard, Autonomy, Olicom etc.). Experienced in consultancy work for both private and governmental institutions. Areas of expertise; corporate and go-to-market strategy, rapid growth & profitability, organisational transformation & change, risk & compliance, turnaround, operating efficiency, finance, distribution, globalisation/internationalisation. Served on boards in the US, the UK and the Nordics. 

Industry experience: Finance/Insurance, Telecom/Telco, ISP, Manufacturing, Utilities/Energy, IT, High-tech, Healthcare/Medico.

Specialist area: A range of performance frameworks, IGRM, EDRM, Pervasive Business Intelligence, ERP, Corporate Governance, International Compliance, CRM, ERP, Coaching and Training, PM, IT Security, Board and Executive Counselling.Meaning Based Computing expert.


JB: 27 years of enterprise leadership experience. Latest as self-employed management consultant with experience from leading management consulting organisations as well as Tieto (Scandinavias largest IT services company). Holds an MSc in Computer Science, and an MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law. Additionally certified in Strategy, Organisational Structure & Development and Strategic Selling. Extensive experience from working with BPE-projects at some of the largest enterprises in the world. 

Industry experience: Government and Public organisations, Finance, Manufacturing, Utilities/Energy, IT and Healtscare/Medico.

Specialist area: BPE Framework, ERP, CRM, CMS, PM, Corporate Governance, International Compliance, ITIL, Board and Executive Counseling. Meaning Based Computing expert.


BHH: More than 30 years experience within management & leadership. Several startup companies and new business units from non profit organizations to global enterprises with Eficode as the latest employer.Experience from roles as Business unit manager/director, CEO, Board member, Coach, knowledge management advisor and business development executive with HR responsibilities for up to + 100 employes. Delivered growth due to business plans  and new brands by implementing value based leadership, effectiveness in cost reduction, news ways of using information and knowledge and bridging innovation/new technology/IT with the core business goals. Able to bring transparency from the board room to the single business unit/individual by using the most important information in every organization - voice of the customer. Holds a degree in information Science and Librarianship with focus on classification of data and information. Certified coach in knowledge management. 

Industry experience: Finance/Insurance, PR, Wholesales, Audit, Consulting and IT.

Specialist area: Business strategy, Information and knowledge management, Meaning Based Computing expert, Customer interaction solutions, CRM, BI, International compliance, Coaching and training, Advisory for the board room and executive management. 


JS: 32 years of enterprise leadership experience mainly within the IT sector. Latest being head of the Nordics at Hewlett Packard. Extensive experience in leading sales organisations and solid background in selling solutions within ECM - Enterprise Content Management and the technologies within; Document Management, Web Content Management, Records Management, Business Process Management, Case Management, Collaboration, Information Management, Archiving, Enterprise Search and Business Intelligence. Holds an MSc in Computer Science. Additionally certified in Strategy, Organisational Development and Strategic Selling. Extensive experience from working with BPE-projects at some of the largest enterprises in the world. 

Industry experience Government and Public organisations, Finance, Manufacturing, Utilities/Energy, IT and Healthcare/Medico.

Specialist area: BPE Framework, Document Management,ECM, CRM, ERP, PM, Information Management, Corporate Governance, Board and Executive Counseling.


AH: 25 years of IT industry experience from assignments within leading Financial, Transportation and Healthcare organisations. Acknowledged Mainframe Specialist and Solution Architect, with several international large scale successfully managed projects. Experienced in the complex process it is running implementation projects elapsing up to several years.

Industry Experience: Finance, Insurance, Transportation, IT, Government and Public Organisations.

Specialist area: Mainframe Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Software Solutions, Agile Methodologies, Migration etc.


JJ: 18 years of IT industry experience. Served as Chief Technology Officer within a leading management consulting organisation operating in the Nordics. Highly experienced software development and integration expert, certified within a range of systems, technologies and applications. Experienced in delivering on-time on-budget projects exceeding customer expectations.

Industry Experience: Finance, Insurance, Transportation, IT, Government and Public Organisations.

Specialist area:  Project Management, Software Development, Integration Technologies, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture etc.


BS: 12 years of solid Project Management experience, working with government, large enterprise and healthcare/medico organisations. Have recently undertaken a large project within enterprise training within information governance for a large financial institution. Experienced and certified project manager.

Industry Experience: Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Transportation, Government and Public Organisations.

Specialist area: Project Management, Pervasive Business Intelligence, BPE Framework.


PH: 10 years of Web-Content Management and Information Management and Analytics experience.  

Industry Experience: Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Government and Public Organisations.

Specialist area: Business Intelligence.


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