Navigating Business Performance is Challenging

Good Numbers = Good Management.                       Bad Numbers = Bad Management.

Avoid Trial & Error - Maximize Shareholder Value; Reduce Risk; Spot Trends.

Reach For The Stars, Unleash Business Power and Potential


Evaluate - identify the dots

Assess, Identify Cause, Get Clarity - and Build Empirical Evidence. 

27,000+ Companies Successfully Rely on the Best Practise we use.

Coaching, Counseling and Guidance


Enter - connect the dots

Get Real-Time Insight; the Foundation for Decisive Action.  

Distinctive Impact and Lasting Sustainable Endurance.

Gain Competitive Edge


Establish - define solution

Eliminate 'Corporate Blind Spots'.                             Jump from Reactive to Proactive. 

Improved Insights => Improved Management => Improved Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity => Improved Profits => Improved Shareholder Value.

What Better Job-protection Can You Get?


Expand - replicate

Once Realizing BPEF Impact and Benefits => Scale Up.

Save Double-Digit Percentages On Your Cost Base.

Significant Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity Gains 


Solutions for Litigation Protection

A small group of people are potentially at risk when it comes to litigation and publicity. Our eDiscovery framework, enables you to respond rapidly to external events such as litigation, regulatory action and adverse publicity.

Contact us for a full EDRM solution discussion. 

Solutions for Investigations and Fraud

Let your data tell the story. NEANCO use IDOL to present key issues worth investigating, visualizing and escalating potential fraudulent behavior, lowering your risk and struggle managing fraud. IDOL, provide you insights by the uniquely understanding of any information in the same way as humans do - that means fraudulent behaviour can be identified even before a serious offense might happen and can be addressed accordingly. Simple, Powerful and Precise.

Solutions for Intelligent Archiving

With NEANCO's Intelligent Archiving solution, archives are no longer merely for efficient storage, but also for gathering intelligence about content and automating key governance processes. Legal holds and retention classifications are no longer set by arbitrary time periods; instead, organizations can make judicious, well-informed decisions based on the meaning of the content and enables you to create group wide enforced policies. Simple, Powerful and Precise. 

Solutions for Identifying, Collecting and Preserve Evidence

Identify, collect and preserve relevant digital evidence automatically. NEANCO use the power of IDOL, for gathering digital evidence. It has never been easier and less costly to collect data from a large variety of sources, including laptops, desktops and enterprise file shares, as well as difficult-to-access repositories such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft SharePoint databases. Avoid complex and modular alternatives, NNEACO's solution is Simple, Powerfull and Precise. 

Solutions for Search and Find Facts Fast

Forget the limitations of keyword search. A Search Infrastructure must be integrative and agnostic, crossing company divisions, geographic locations, vendors, products, software applications, operating systems and languages. It should support search and eDiscovery across all repositories that contain electronically stored information (ESI), including email, IM, voice, video and text across operational systems, archives and media; stored in centralized corporate servers, fileshares, desktops and handheld devices. The information should be 'plumbed into' once and leveraged for many applications across the enterprise - to extract business value and protect from information risk. Simple, Powerful and Precise.

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